Electrical Section

The University has its own well established Electrical Section, which run under control of Construction Department. Therefore all the electrification work which is being executed in the campus, is thoroughly supervise by the electrical staff of the section & the same electrical staff carries out all the electrical maintenance work.

  • Input & Output of Electricity at Substation:-

    NMU have its own Electric Substation of capacity 11kv/433v located in the campus of the University. The 11kv supply for the substation is taken from near by M.S.E.B. substation at Paldhi, Tal- Erandol, Dist-Jalgaon. The electric supply is then distributed to various Administrative & Academic buildings located in the campus as per the load requirement through underground LT cables. For Internal electrification of the buildings, casing capping fitting is preferably used to protect the wiring from fire. Also Fire extinguishers are provided at each floor of buildings as per requirement in order to face the danger of fire.

  • Campus Lighting :-

    For whole Campus of the University, streetlights are erected with 150w. H.P.S.V. fitting with underground L. T. cabling. Working, maintenance & repairing of streetlights is observed & executed by the Electrical Staff of the University. Installation of Generators 125 KVA (03 Nos.) - Proper care for the standby arrangement during the period of load shading or failure of electric supply has been taken for the university premises & hence continuous supply of electricity can be maintained during an emergency hours.