Personal Details

Name :-

Prof. Yogesh. Patil

Academic Qualification :-

M. Tech. (Computer Engineering)

Present Position :-

Director, Board of Examinations and Evaluation

Official Address :-

Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Umavinagar, P.B. No. 80, Jalgaon (M.S.) 425001 India

Telephone No. :-

(0257) 2257301, 2257302, 2258407

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E-mail :-

[email protected]

Board of Examination and Evaluation Section

Examination Pattern

All the examinations of the Degree Courses and Post-graduate Degree courses are conducted in annual and semester pattern.

Examination Reforms

Examination reforms like Semester System with CGPA, moderation of question papers and answer sheets, Online exam form submission implemented and student facilitation center established for students.

Examination Committee

Examination committee deals with all matters related to examination like appointment of paper setters and examiners, investigate & take disciplinary actions for malpractices & lapses on the part of candidates, paper setters, examiners etc.

Convocation Summary

University arranges convocation ceremony for the academic year as per provision of section 98 of Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994.

Computer Centre (Exam)

Center provides centralized computing facility and ICT support for examination work, finance pay roll data processing & other administrative activities.

44(e) list

list of teaching and non teaching employees comes under 44(e) list