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Er. Rajesh I. Patil

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Yoga Guidance Center
Yoga Guidance Center

The value of yoga as a means of promoting health, Social harmony and discipline is well recognized. It is also acknowledged that for the development of the youth into good citizens who are knowledgeable, confident, balanced and possess strong character and leadership attribute, they require to be exposed to art and science of yoga in tis various manifestations. Yoga is our cultural heritage and promotes physical and mental health.

There are also a growing movement in main stream research on true biological effects of yoga on human health and behavior. It is imperative that the Indian Universities also engage themselves in strengthening scientific evidence of the positive effects of Yoga and Meditation on human health. In order to pursue education and practice in Yoga & to promote our ancient Yoga tradition university has established Yoga Guidance Center in this University on 21st May 2017 on the occasion of International Yoga Day. For effective implementation and providing quality education in Yoga, this University has constituted Ad-hoc Board of Studies in Yoga consisting of eminent experts in Yoga as a members.

Personal Details

Name :-

Er. Rajesh I. Patil

Date of Birth :-

September 03, 1969

Academic Qualification :-

D.C.E.,A.M.I.E.,L.G.S.,M.I.E.,C.ENGINEER(I)D.Y.T.,M.A.(Yogic Science), NET (Yoga)

Present Position :-

Incharge Yoga Guidance Centre & University Deputy Engineer,K. B. C. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon

Official Address :-

125, Administrative Building Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon

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Mobile No. :-

+91 9423185081 / +91 9284553322

Fax :-

+91- 0257- 2258406

E-mail :-

[email protected]

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