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We believe the best outcome is derived from the best resources. Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University believes in providing the best amenities for its students residing in its hostels.



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Total Boys Rooms

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Admission Process

Hostels are allotted to the bona fide research, post graduate and under graduate students of university campus strictly on their merit basis for the academic year.

Hostel Capacity

Single, double and triple seated rooms are available to accommodate 1000+ students on the university campus.

Hostel Facilities

All hostel buildings are having Wi-Fi connectivity, water coolers, solar water heaters, computer lab with internet connectivity, study tables and chairs separately for each students etc.

Fee Structure

The university provides accommodation with good facilities to the students at very minimal cost for the academic year.

Administrative Staff

The university has appointed rectors for each hostel separately to administrate the work and resolve the queries of hostel student's.

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Please feel free to contact us in case you have any query regarding hostel