PRO Section

The Public Relations Department was established in 1995. The Department main roll is Building the Image of the University. PR office release daily press notes with photographs of various activities of the University. Various Schools and Departments of the University organizes seminars, workshops, lectures & other activities. The PR Office takes care to covers all the programs and prepares news item to be sent for Newspapers.


The PR Office collects all published news related to University from the news papers and keeps a daily record for documentation purpose. The PR Office also maintains press Room at University website.



Through the medium of publication, University connects the Students, Faculty, Colleges, Society, Govt. offices. University publishes its home news magazine UTTAMVIDYA twice a year. This contains University activities and a special issue is made at the time id convocation ceremony.



University also published GIRANANGAN an yearly Magazine for the students. This contains articles, poems, stories, in Marathi, Hindi, English languages. University has published a booklet “ Nagrikanchi Sanad ” contains the information of various departments and their functions.



An ANNUAL REPORT is also published every years. This contains statistical information, various programs and research activities of teachers of the affiliated colleges, University schools & departments.



The office takes photographs of various functions of the University and maintains record in the soft copy. Also the photographs are sent with the news to news papers office for publishing it. The photographs are also published in Annual Report, University Brochure and Giranangan etc.



University welcome the visitor at the Reception Counter. The information and purpose of visit of the visitor is noted in the Register. The counter directs the people to respective department / section as per his / her requirement.



PR Office every year organizes 08 lecture series in affiliated Colleges. The Dept. also Prepares University Brochures, Diary and Calendar. Display Hon’ble V.C.sir’s day to day programme at Display Board.


Contact Info :
In case of any clarification, please contact Public Relation Office(PRO) Section on the following Telephone Numbers :

P.R.O. - 0257-2257248
Office - 0257-2257249
Enquiry Counter - 0257-2257250
Tech. Asst. (Photo) - 0257-2257253