Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission ( RGSTC)

The government of Maharashtra has set up Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission ( RGSTC) as a Statutory Body under Maharashtra Act No XV 2004 for the advancement, propagation, and promotion of applications of Science and Technology for benefit of the people.

The emphasis is clearly on applications of Science and Technology for socio-economic development. These activities need to be undertaken in a project mode to set clear targets and time frames for implementation. These activities are expected to be undertaken through the existing institutions depending on their expertise, capabilities, facilities, and interest. Obviously, such institutions would include laboratories, universities, science and engineering institutions, NGOs, and various field agencies of the Government.

Submission of Pre-Proposal under the Scheme "Assistance for S and T Applications Through University System of RGSTC, Govt. of Maharashtra [Click here to submit the pre-proposal under RGSTC scheme (Cycle-VII)]

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Dr. S. S. Ghosh
Member Secretary, Peer & PAC

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Dr. H. L. Tidke

Dr. H. L. Tidke
Scheme Coordinator, Peer & PAC

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Grants received
  • Ist - May 2014: Rs. 50,00,000/-

  • IInd - July 2015: Rs. 48,84,932/-

  • IIIrd - June 2021: Rs. 44,09,323/-

  • IVth - October 2022 : Rs. 48,93,154 /-

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