AVHAN Objectives


AVHAN is a residential programme on Disaster Management and integrated model for participation of the young NSS Volunteers in rescue and relief.

Objectives Of AVHAN

AVHAN aims to create a pool of trained young volunteers from National Service scheme (NSS) to collaborate and join hands with civil administration to provide quick rescue and relief services in the event of sudden natural calamities and disasters. The main objective of the event AVHAN 2022 is to provide focused and wholesome training of youths belonging to NSS units of 23 Universities of Maharashtra through professional trainers of National Disaster Rescue Force (NDRF). The training included various sub-modules of providing relief and quick response to help reduce the losses and mitigate sufferings of the victims of sudden or manmade calamities and hazards. These 1000 young NSS Volunteers would form part of Chancellor’s Brigade and will be organized in Platoons. One Platoon will comprise of 15 boys & 10 girls along with 2 Asst Nodal Officers (One Lady and One Gentleman) which will work for each district of Maharashtra. They would be trained holistically to build their capacities to accept the challenge of rescue and relief and would complement the disaster responses forces available with civil administration. The youth would be equipped with the latest methods of rescue in the events e.g. floods, fire and earthquake etc, providing first aids, resuscitation and revival, evacuations, debris clearances, cordon, communication and mob control, carrying victims to ambulances, life-saving and administration of relief camps.