Area of implementation

As per the objectives, an effective demonstration of techno-economic viability of the bio fertilizers technology to the local farmers through dissemination of the know-how transfer of technology have been proposed to implement in selected villages from Tehsils of 3 districts in North Maharashtra Region.

These villages of above district are mostly affected by the natural calamities and depend on rainfall condition. Survey of these remote areas revealed (i) thickly dominated by tribal population with low income source, (ii) cultivators from tribal village live below the poverty line and away from the main stream / economic developments, (iii) no employment due to meager industrial growth, (iv) tribal youth preferred to migrate with family to adjoining towns and Gujarat state in large flux in search of jobs after selling the cultivable land even to private companies and, (v) declining the crop productivity of state. Moreover, the Khandesh region belongs to low rainfall area with record of famine and drought in several parts. While agriculture was extensively exploited for cultivation of cash crops for last two decades rendering it unproductive saline land.

Overall in above villages, the small and marginal SC/ST as well weaker section cultivators are poor due to low yields from crop farming and following traditional methods due to lack of scientific knowledge or blindly adopting some marginal farmers and leading to meager output from land. Moreover, they cannot afford to adopt costly use of chemicals or modern technology due to lowly of the less monetary capacity. On the contrary, black cotton soil in several pockets of this region changed its structure and caused low crop productivity leading to low returns to the farmers.