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Along with the Science & Technology, Literature and Languages, there is a need of social studies as well, which supports and satisfy the needs of all other branches of academics. Not only this, but studied of social sciences helping in policy formulation for betterment of the society. In changing and dynamic environment it became indispensable to understand and study the effect of globalization on the social system and the foreseeable challenges arising from the social, political, cultural and economic conditions. Social sciences not only create awareness among the generation about rising problems in society, of society and for society but also provide the solution to the problems. Today, new dimensions in areas of research are available with the Social Sciences and Humanities disciplines. Keeping the aspects of social benefit through social research & studies, School of Social Sciences has emerged to consolidate the learning process further at the University. The School has not just been efficient in introducing, research but also peruses varied areas of research; consequently, all the advanced programmes (M.A., M. Phil and Ph.D.) are undertaken in the School of Social Sciences.

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