"To impart relevant quality higher education to the students, to groom them to be conscious, researchers, technologists, professionals and citizens, bearing the torch for disseminating knowledge in masses for suitable socio-economic development of the society”

  • To prepare Professional personnel required for staffing the collages of education.

  • To prepare administrators and supervisors for position of responsibilities in the Education Department and Education planning.

  • To prepare personnel for various educational services such as Psychological and Achievement testing and production of instructional.

  • To prepare personnel with research out-look for various fields.

  • To prepare responsible Citizen for the nation.

  • To broaden the Philosophical, Sociological, Psychological outlook of the students.

  • To cultivate the habit of independent thinking, problem solving.

  • To develop an understanding about the issues and innovations in teacher Education.

  • To develop various competencies in Teacher Educators.