Research Area
  • Nano polymers, polymer nano composites, wood polymer composites, biodegradable polymers, plastic processing, depolymerisation of plastic waste.

  • Pharmaceuticals, Reactive distillation, Modeling and simulation, biotechnology, Sustained Drug Delivery, Green Chemistry, Combined Mass and Heat Transfer, CFD, Catalysis, Nanotechnology, Foam Bed Reactor.

  • Telechelic oligomers, depolymerisation of powder coatings, latex paints, high solid coatings, ecofriendly anti fouling paints, nanospacers, blocked isocyanates, Polyurea, self cleaning/ hygienic coating, UV Curable Powder Coating.

  • Non traditional oils, biodiesel, lipase catalysed synthesis of oleochemicals, novel surfactants, compact detergents.

  • Preservation techniques, food formulations and processing, fermentation & beverages, flavors development, food & nutrition, bakery & confectionary, dairy products & byproducts, legume processing, FLV canning & their processing.