Composition Of IQAC
Head of the University
1 Prof. V. L. Maheshwari, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Chairperson
A few senior administrative officers(senior administrators, persons in charge of institutional services such as library. computer center, estate, student welfare, administration, academic tasks, examination and planning and development )
2 Prof. S. T. Ingle Pro-Vice Chancellor Member
3 Prof. A.P. Dongre Dean (Commerce & Mgt.) Member
4 Dr. Vinod P. Patil, Registrar Member
5 CA Ravindra N. Patil Finance and Accounts Officer Member
6 Prof. D. S. Dalal Actg. Director, B.E.E Member
7 Prof. S.R. Kolhe Head, UGC, Computer Centre Member
8 Dr. A.N. Chikate Director, KRC Member
9 Prof. S. B. Kulkarni I/C Director, Student Devp. Member
10 Dr. S. J. Nandre Director, NSS Member
Three to eight teachers
11 Prof. J.B. Naik Director, UICT Member
12 Prof. S.R. Chaudhari Director, SMS Member
13 Prof. J. V. Sali SPS Member
14 Prof. P.R. Puranik SLS Member
15 Prof. Manish Joshi SOCS Member
16 Prof. V. V. Gite SCS Member
17 Dr. V. M. Rokade SEES Member
One member from the Management Council
  - - Member
One / Two nominees from local society, students and alumni
18 Prof. K. S. Vishwakarma, SLS Member
19 Shri. Jaydeep M. Patil Nobel Foundation, Jalgaon Member
One / two nominees from Employers / Industrialist / stakeholders
20 Shri. Ravindra D. Laddha Laddha Agro Plast Industries Pvt. Ltd., Jalgaon Member
21 Dr. K. B. Patil JISL, Jalgaon Member
22 Dr. Nilesh P. Teli Naturally Yours Biotech, Jalgaon Member
One of the senior teachers as the Coordinator / Director of the IQAC
23 Prof. Sameer P. Narkhede School of Management Studies Director