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India is the land of the epoch-makings thinkers, freedom fighters, warriors, saints and social reformers. The study, research, and extension of these intellectuals and their ideologies are of public interest and the well-being of the present and future generations. With this view, Former Vice-Chancellor, Prof. S. U. Meshram, has taken a bold initiative to establish the “School of Thoughts” with effect from academic year 2012-13.

“The School of Thoughts” will adopt an enduring process to impart the vision and mission of the Great revolutionaries, luminaries and social reformers of India such as Lord Buddha, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Swami Vivekananda; Mahatma Gandhi and Sane Guruji of Khandesh region to awaken and enlighten the students and youth and the community, particularly marginalized sections of our society and nation. We stand firm on the belief that 'not perfection as a final goal, but an ever enduring process of perfecting, maturing, refining is the aim of living'.

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Prof. Mahendrakumar S. Pagare