About School

Under the School of Languages Studies & Research Center three departments are working. They are Department of English, Department of Marathi and Department of Hindi.

Our Wall of Values-intellectual honesty, empathy, patience, professional ethics, team spirit, respect for individual opinion

Student friendly facilities in the school-departmental library, limited intake, personal attention, internet lab, innovative curricular and co-curricular activities, academic flexibility, financial support schemes, student counseling.

Thrust areas -different literary streams, Movements, Critical concepts, Comparative Study of literature, dialect study, Translation studies.

Our objectives-To Disseminate knowledge to the lowest person in the social structure and to facilitate students to develop themselves as a literary personality as well as a competent human being to lead quality life.

Goals and Objectives
  • To provide students knowledge of the rich legacy and heritage of world literature as well as Indian literatures and language studies.

  • To help students imbibe the values of humanities, tolerance and citizenship.

  • To aim at a holistic development of students to mould them into nation builders.

  • To enable students develop language proficiency and lead to the fostering of research in languages and literature.

  • To nurture in the students a strong sense of roots to the Indian soil.

  • To build interdisciplinary and multi lingual approaches for a wider perspective and encourage students to undertake translation.

  • To help students find avenues of employability and encourage self-entrepreneurship.

  • To nurture creativity and originality among students.

Our Strength
  • Research in Comparative Study of literature.

  • Dialect Research Centre.

  • Folk Literature Compilation Centre .

  • Sociolinguistic Survey.

  • Translation, Field Work Projects & Communication skills.

  • Research in Gender Studies.

  • Research in Dalit, Gramin and Streewadi Literature.

Career Opportunities

Acquiring degree from this Dept. the placement opportunities grow multiple. Along with lecturership the students can follow novel tracks of careers with completion of additional courses & guidance available in the dept. such as – Translator, Interpreter, Researcher, Linguist, Copy Writers, Advertising Agency, All India Radio, T.V., F.M., and Tourism Department.