Lab to Land Project

Agriculture occupies the most crucial place in India. It provides largest employment to the people with as much as 70 % of our total population for livelihood. The agricultural policies in past bore fruits as the country achieved the first Green revolution making it self- sufficient in food grains. India needs to increase the food production at the rate of 500 million tons per year to feed the population increasing at the rate of 2.1 % per year as against the world average of 1.33% per year. By 2025, the population of India will be >1500 million. On the other hand, the country has 182 million ha of land cultivation and total crop area under multiple cropping is 213 million ha. Now, there is no room available to increase cultivable land or crop area any more. Therefore, the promotion of agriculture need to upshot only by innovative and sustainable technology through cautious approach in using fertilizers. Taking into account the past experience, present situation in the country and global economic scenario, it is imperative to achieve the second green revolution.