About School

The School of Environmental and Earth Sciences has established on 1st July 1999. The School has a building with, 7500 sq. m. built-up area and vast open space. In shorts span of 14 years, the School has established excellent laboratories and library facilities to get quality education in the field of environment and earth sciences. Prof. S. T. Ingle is Director of the School. School is having four teaching departments viz. Department of Environmental Sciences, Department of Applied Geology, Department of Applied Geography and Department of Environmental Engineering and Technology. The school offers four Post Graduate courses in Environmental Science, Applied Geology, Applied Geography and M. Tech in Environmental Science and Technology. In addition to this, school has started Certificate course in Industrial Safety and management under career oriented certificate courses of UGC from academic year 2013 – 14. Eco-friendly sustainable approach in the process of development is a unique culture developed at the School.


The School has received research project grants from various agencies like DST, UGC, MoEF, UNICEF, DRDO, MoWR and state government agencies. The School is covered under the special Assistance Programme (UGC-SAP-DRS, Phase I) of UGC, New Delhi for financial Assistance of 5 years (2009-2012). The School is also covered under DST-FIST programme - Level – I (2012-2017) for financial support.


Aims and Objectives
  • To generate expertise in the field of Environmental Sciences, Applied Geology, Applied Geography and Environmental Engineering and Technology.

  • To disseminate knowledge required for Industrial Environmental Management, Natural Resource Management and Environmental Protection.

  • To serve as Data Bank on local/regional environment and natural resources.

  • To act as a research center specially in Environmental Impact Assessment, Biodiversity, Geo hazard and risk assessment, Environmental Health, Waste Water Treatment and Recycling, Solid Waste Management, Risk Assessment, Pesticide residue in agricultural commodities, Geophysical characteristics and groundwater management, Application of Remote Sensing and GIS tool in Environment, Geology, and Geography fields.

  • To provide technical assistance to local industries, civic bodies and Government organizations.

  • To act as a Resource Centre (RC) for implementation of Govt. programmes and environmental awareness to the society.

Our Strength
  • School is having facilities like Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Engineering laboratory and Sophisticated Instruments and Geological Museum.

  • Field and Practical oriented syllabi of all the courses, including research Dissertation for all courses.

  • Equal weightage to all disciplines as per requirement in the syllabi.

  • Special course on Industrial Visits to understand Industrial Environmental problems.

  • Extensive field visits for exploring geo-environmental parameters.


School is running subject having wide scope in following sectors.

  • Academic and Industrial sector, Pollution Control Boards, Forestry and Environmental consultancies, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of India, Ground Water Survey and Development Agency, Indian Bureau of Mines, Petroleum Sector, Coal Industry.

  • We take the pride that our students are working in national and international organizations in the emerging fields of Environmental and Earth Sciences.