About Department

Sociology is very popular subject among the students of Arts Faculty. There are fifty four branches of Sociology to study the society from various aspects, for example Sociology of Development, Rural Sociology, Tribal Sociology, Urban Sociology, Women studies, Industrial Sociology, Social Demography, Sociology of Ageing, and Sociology of Health etc. Sociology is not a subject in itself rather it is inter-related with all social sciences and also sciences. Sociology studied on problems, relationships, interactions between persons-persons, persons-groups, groups-groups and also studied on implementation in said topics.

The Department of Sociology has been started from the academic year 2010-2011. The department is continuously undertaking several activities to maintain their interest in the subject.

Vision And Mission

In 21st century, human society experienced several social changes. Social institutions like marriage, family and economy are facing drastic changes. Process of social change i.e. modernization, westernization, globalization, liberalization etc are taking new form. Because of this transformation human society is facing problems of child, aged, farmers etc. Department of Sociology is trying to understand the nature of these problems and trying to developed some remedies or salutations.

Goals of the Department
  • To equip the students with the latest sociological knowledge, research attitude and skills.

  • To enrich students understanding of the dynamics of Indian Society and the global social order.

  • To strengthen Sociological research pertaining to the issues in the region in particular and nation in general.

  • To strengthen research in the thrust area of the department, namely Sociology of development and Environment, problems of weaker sections (schedule castes, schedule Tribes, women, child and Aged etc).