KBCNMU Village Adoption Scheme Under lab to Land - "Smart Village"

Globalization, liberal and open market economy have completely transformed nations and metropolis. It is unfortunate that villages have not been able to keep pace with these transformations. Science, technology, information and communication networks have yet to reach the villages which remain neglected, under-developed and in the shadows of progress and prosperity. The journey of "local to global" and the trends in education, agriculture, industry and employment have not been inclusive. They have not included the "peasants" and "farmers", and "land laborers". The development restricted to "Smart Cities" has not resonated into "Smart Villages". If India is to emerge as the winner on global map it is imperative that villages are to be included in the growth index. With this vision, Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon with the jurisdiction of Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar has adopted a unique scheme "Smart Villages" in which some villages are adopted by the university to set up as model of an Ideal Village.



Villages Adopted Under the Programme:

  • Ramnagar (Tal. & Dist.: Dhule)

  • Rajbardi (Tal. Dhadgaon, Dist.: Nandurbar)

  • Bhagdari (Tal. Akkalkuwa, Dist.: Nandurbar)

  • Usmali (Tal. Yaval, Dist.: Jalgaon)

  • Savda (Tal. Erandol, Dist.: Jalgaon)

  • Smart Village Brochure

  • Smart Village Milestones to be Achieved

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