Program Implementation

Program Implementation Procedure and Related works

  • All the programmes are offered by KBCNMU in affiliated colleges of and approved by respective Board of Studies (BOS) & faculties & Academic Council (AC) of the University.

  • Various Programmes started by this university were as per the guidelines. Training Programme for development of Self Learning Material was conducted by the university for the college teachers of this university as well as the teachers from other universities in the State of Maharashtra. Deans, BOS Chairmen, and subject wise faculties from the jurisdiction of this university were also called for this training programme.

  • The SLM written by the teachers is edited by the senior and expert faculty members and the Deans of the respective faculties are also participated in the process. A credit page is also prepared & attached with the books. It contains the names of the writers, editorial board and faculties who have designed the structure.