About School

UICT (University Institute of Chemical Technology) has been ranked at 68th position with 54.91 points amongst the outstanding Institutes in India in Engineering (Research and Teaching) category as per the survey conducted by National Institutional Ranking Framework, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.


UICT (University Institute of Chemical Technology) of Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, founded in the year 1994 (formerly known as University Department of Chemical Technology), caters to the academic, research, technical and entrepreneurial needs in the field of Plastics/Paint/Oil/Food and Chemical Engineering and has now established itself as center of academic excellence. Prof. J. B. Naik is heading the Institute. The Institute offers AICTE recognized Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) and Master of Technology (M. Tech.) degree courses and pursues Ph.D. Research Programme in Chemical Engineering and Technology, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences. The curricula of all the courses are designed as per the emerging requirement of Industries.


The institute has well qualified Faculty drawn from IIT-Delhi/Mumbai/Kanpur and ICT-Mumbai/ HBTI-Kanpur/LIT-Nagpur, Majestic Buildings, well-equipped Processing and Characterization Laboratories, Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre (including instruments like FESEM, AFM, XRD, Zetasizer, AES, DSC, TGA, GPC, FTIR, GC etc.), Departmental Library, Language Lab. & Computer Centre, full-fledged Engineering Workshop, Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Training & Placement Cell. The Institute has received research project grants (around 20.0 Crore) from various agencies like DST, CSIR, DRDO, BARC, INSA, BRNS, UGC, AICTE, ISTRO etc. and been covered under NON-SAP & SAP Scheme and Innovative Programme of UGC with the interdisciplinary research theme of Nano Science and Technology, FIST Scheme of DST and TEQIP-II by MHRD, Govt. of India and World Bank.


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