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Judicious outlook & cultivation is important for development of human being. Judicious outlook provides vision to humanism. Mahatma Phule had developed scientific view, judicious outlook for humanism, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Rajashri Shahu Maharaja have done the same. Forward thinking by this great thinkers motivate the common people.Every human being should have scientific cultivation of thoughts & judicious outlook. The fundamental of humanism can be enhanced through cultivation of thoughts, judicious outlook and scientific view. Hence the individual is able to take proper decision and show humanistic behavior. It further leads towards social psychology.

Fundamental right should be given to down trodden people, farmers, so that they should be recognized as man. In this connection Mahatma Phule’s thoughts provide strong base for development of humanism. This in turn leads to guide the individual and society.

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Dr. Pavitra D. Patil

Dr. Pavitra D. Patil

Head (In-Charge)