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The tradition of poetry of Kandesh can be traced back to 12th- 13th Century since the period of Saint Muktabai. Poetry of Kahdesh took an important turn in the second half of 19th Century. It is mentioned in the history of Marathi literature that epoch making poets like Keshavsut, B.S. Mardhekar, Madav Julian had stayed in Khandesh for some time. The poet of motherly heart, Sane guruji is the son of Khandeshi soil. Since then the poetry of Khandesh poetry includes the renowned poets like Baalkavi, D.A. Tiwari, Purushottam Patil, Raja Mahajan, Ganesh Chaudhari, V.R. Sonar, N.D. Mahanor, Bhalchndra Nemade, Sushil Pagaria, Uttam Kolgaonkar. The tradition reaches to the contemporary poets like, Manohar Jadhav, Ashok Kotwal, Prakash Kingaonkar, and many others.

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Prof. Dr. Ashutosh Patil
Head (In-Charge)