Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
कवयित्री बहिणाबाई चौधरी उत्तर महाराष्ट्र विद्यापीठ, जळगाव
Maharashtra, India
'A' Grade NAAC Re-Accredited (3rd Cycle)
अंतरी पेटवू ज्ञानज्योत
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Completed Research Projects
Sr. No. Name of the Investigator Title of the project and duration Duration (Yrs.) Amount sanctioned (Rs. lacs) Funding Agency


Ms. Raksha A. Kankariya (PI) (DST Women Scientist-A); Dr. Navin D. Dandi (Project Mentor) Development of a 2,4 diacetylphloroglucinol producing and plant growth promoting biocontrol formulation (15th June 2015-18) 3 16.50 DST (WOS-A), New Delhi


Prof. A. B. Chaudhari (PI), & Dr. Navin D. Dandi (Co-PI) New generation nanomaterial and PGPR based bioformulation for yield and nutritional improvement of crops (Nov, 2014- Oct, 2017) 3 62.384 DBT, New Delhi


Prof. B. L. Chaudhari (PI & Coordinator) collaboration with (i) MJ College, Jalgaon & (ii) Jai Biotech, Nashik Bioprocess Development & Application of Laccase from Basiodiomycota sp. (July 2014 –Jun 2017) 3 49.48 (KBCNMU: 18.51) DBT, New Delhi


Prof. P.R. Puranik (Coordinator and PI) and Dr. S.T. Pawar, T.C. College, Baramati, Pune (PI) Bioremediation of salt affected soils using halotolerant PGPR and cyanobacterial inoculants (Dec 2013 - Dec 2016) 3 47.15 DBT, New Delhi


Dr. S. V. Patil (PI) & Dr. B. K. Salunke (Co PI) Screening of mosquito larvicidal toxin producing microbes (2013-2016) 3 38.00 DBT, New Delhi


Prof. V. L. Maheshwari (PI & Coordinator) (in collaboration with NCL, Pune Studies on interaction of Plant α-amylase inhibitors with insect amylase (Aug 2012-Jul 2015) 3 17.82 DBT, New Delhi


Dr. Kanan Puranik (PDF) & Prof. A. B. Chaudhari Development of low cost biofertilizer and land reclamation agent from farm waste (Feb. 2012 – 2017) 5 20.98 UGC PDF for Women
8. Prof. A. B. Chaudhari (Coordinator) Fund for improvement of Science & Technology Infrastructure Programme (FIST -2010) in Life Science for Level I (2010-2015) 5 70.00 DST, New Delhi
9.      Prof. P. R. Puranik (PI) and Prof. P.P. Mahulikar (Co-PI) Chemo-photosynthetic conversion of carbon dioxide into algal biomass with biotech potentials (Mar 2012- Mar 2015) 3 50.20 DST, New Delhi
10.  Dr. S. V. Patil (PI) Dr. Bathe Ganesh A (Co-PI) Preparation of  biofertilizer and biopesticide bank for local farmers (July 2011-2014) 3 20.80 RGSTC, Govt of Maharashtra, Mumbai
11.  Prof. A.B.Chaudhari (PI) & Dr. N.D.Dandi (Co-PI) Studies on potential ethanologen(s) isolated from fruit-pulp compost for cost effective ethanol production (1st June 2012- 30th July, 2014) 2 10.17 UGC, New Delhi
12.  Dr. N.D.Dandi  (PI) & Prof. A.B.Chaudhari (Co-PI) Biotechnological investigation of chitosan production byRhizopus sp. from cost effective lignocellulosic agricultural residue(s) (1st June 2012- 30th July, 2014) 2 5.47 UGC, New Delhi

Prof. P. R. Puranik (Co-PI.) Dr. S.T. Pawar, T.C. College, Baramati, Pune (PI)

 Algal soil-acclimatizers for cultivation of plantlets in saline soil (2011-Mar 2014)            3 6.48 UGC ,New Delhi
14.  Prof. P.R. Puranik (Coordinator) & Dr. K.S. Vishwakarma (Dy.Coordinator) UGC-SAP-DRS Phase-II on “Agrobiotechnology” 5 66.50 UGC ,New Delhi

Dr. S. V. Patil (PI) Prof. V. L. Maheshwari (Co-I)

Lipase producing microbes as Biopesticides: Novel approach to mealybug control (July 2009-2013) 3 12.33 DBT, New Delhi
16.  Prof. S. B. Chincholkar One time grant to selected teachers (2012- Mar 2013) 2 7.33 UGC ,New Delhi
17.  Prof. A. G. Ingale  Lectin based biosensor for pathogen detection 3 9.46 UGC , New Delhi
18.  Dr. Mrs. S.R. Bhalsing In vitro propagation studies in some important medicinal plants (2010-2013) 3 8.478 UGC, New Delhi
19.  Prof. B.L. Chaudhari Evaluation of probiotic cultures producing exopolysaccharides bearing antioxidative properties (2010-13) 3 7.33 UGC, New Delhi
20.  Prof. P.R. Puranik Development of metal enriched cyanobacterial biomass for feed supplementation (2011-13) 2 7.50 UGC, New Delhi
21.  Dr. S.V. Patil Eco friendly elimination of mosquito larvae by using  common weeds from Jalgaon district (2009 -11) 3 1.20 UGC, New Delhi
22.  Dr. S.V. Patil Production of soil conditioners using bacterial biopolymers and  Psyllium husk as consortium (2010 -13) 3 5.66 UGC, New Delhi
23.  Prof. S. B. Chincholkar.
Prof. B. L. Chaudhari (PI)
Utilization of biodiesel waste for antibiotic production (2009-2011) 3 40.40 DBT, New Delhi
24.  Prof. S. B. Chincholkar (PI) &
Prof. A.B Chaudhari (Co-PI)
Development of a fluorescence based biosensor for detection of iron (March, 2008-10) 3 21.22 DST, New Delhi
25.  Prof. K. S. Vishwakarma (PI) &
Prof. V. L. Maheshwari (Co-I)
Micropropagation and bioprospecting of some medicinally important plants (Feb 2010- Jan. 2013) 3 7.17 UGC, New Delhi

Prof. K. S. Vishwakarma (PI) &  Prof. V. L. Maheshwari (Co-PI)

Digitized inventory of medicinal plants of Maharashtra (Feb 2009- Aug. 2012) 3 23.00 RGSTC, GoM, Mumbai
27.  Prof. V. L. Maheshwari (PI) & Prof. K. S. Vishwakarma (Co-I) Bioprospecting and pesticidal properties of circular proteins (Feb 2010 – 2013) 3 17.10 DST, New Delhi
28.  Prof. K.S. Vishwakarma and Prof. V.L. Maheshwari DST- FIST- Life Sciences (Dec 2003-2008) 5 23.90 DST, New Delhi
29.  Prof. S. B. Chincholkar Campus Diversity Initiative 5 30.00 Ford Foundation, USA
30.  Prof. S. B. Chincholkar (PI) & Prof. B L. Chaudhari (Co-I) Expression of Microbial Iron chelators in fungus and wheat: A solution to global iron deficiency anemia (2006-07) 1 1.00 DST-NSF, New Delhi
31.  Prof. B. L. Chaudhari (PI) & Prof. S. B. Chincholkar (Co-ordinator) Development of efficient probiotic to combat Vit. B12, folic acid and iron deficiency. (Network Project in collaboration with Osmania University, Hyderabad &NIIST (CSIR), Trivandrum) (Sept. 2006- 2009) 3 29.75 (KBCNMU) 81.00 (total) DBT, New Delhi
32.  Prof. V. L. Maheshwari (PI) & Prof. K. S. Vishwakarma (Co-I) Plant cyclotides: An alternative and sustainable approach to storage pest management in grain legumes (pulses) (2006-2009) 3 22.44 DBT, New Delhi
33.  Prof. S. B. Chincholkar (PI) &  Prof. B. L. Chaudhari (Co-I) Siderophore mediated iron- value addition to wheat grains: A promising solution to global IDA (2005-08) 3 33.85 DBT, New Delhi
34.  Prof. S. B. Chincholkar (Co-ordinator) DST- FIST- Life Sciences (Dec 2003-2008) 5 35.00 DST, New Delhi
35.  Prof. S. B. Chincholkar (Co-ordinator) UGC-SAP- DRS Thrust area: Biocontrol agents (Mar 2004 – 2007) 3 30.00 UGC, New Delhi
36.  Dr. S. R. Thorat (PI) & Prof. Pravin R. Puranik (Co-I) Development of in-situ, ex-situ bioremediation of hexavalent chromium from tannery waste, oil and ground water (Nov 2004- 2007) 3 05.84 UGC, New Delhi
37. Prof. S. B. Chincholkar Production of antibiotics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ID 4365 for its application in biocontrol of soil borne phyto-pathogens (Nov 2004- 2007) 3 07.75 UGC, New Delhi
38. Dr. Satish V. Patil Fermentative production of biopolymers for its application as soil conditioners by Azotobacter spp (2004 -2007) 3 12.00 DST, New Delhi
39. Prof. M.V. Kulkarni & Prof. P. P. Mahulikar (Co-I) Development of biotechnological process for decolorisation of distillery spent wash (Apr 2004- 2007) 3 09.40 DST, New Delhi
40. Prof. V.L. Maheshwari A simple technology for post-harvest preservation of pulses using botanical pesticides (2001-2004) 3 15.00 CSIR (TMO& P), New Delhi
41. Prof. V.L. Maheshwari Botanical Pesticides for post-harvest preservation of pulses (Feb 2002- 2005) 3 11.70 DST, New Delhi
42. Prof. M. V. Kulkarni Screening of indigeneousmicroflora for exploitation and biofertilizers for cotton 1 00.14 UGC, New Delhi
43. Prof. K. S. Vishwakarma Improvement of Niger (Gauzotiaabyssinica Cass. ) an edible oil crop (03.12.2001 to 11.09.2003) 2 00.12 UGC, New Delhi
44. Prof. V.L. Maheshwari Plant Tissue culture studies in V. mungo, V. radiata and V. unguiculata 1 04.10 CSIR, New Delhi
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