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About Distance Education

The open and distance learning system in India has emerged as an important mode for providing education to diverse sections of society. Besides, the changing dynamics of the ODL system in the last six decades have been encouraging. With the proliferation in the ICT, the boundaries of classroom or campus are becoming blurred.

Today two terms that are being used almost inter-changeably are ‘Open Learning’ and ‘Distance Education’ and they are often combined to be known as Open and Distance Learning (ODL). Open learning is a philosophy and Distance Education is the mode used for translating it into reality as the two are complementary to each other. Distance Education (DE) is an umbrella term which describes all the teaching learning arrangements in which the learner and the teacher are separated by space and time. In fact it is a mode of delivering education and instruction to learners who are not physically present in a traditional setting of a classroom.

Transaction of the curriculum is effected by means of specially prepared materials (self-study (learning) materials) which are delivered to the learners at their doorstep through various media such as print, television, radio, satellite, audio/video tapes, CD-ROMs, Internet and World Wide Web etc. Also a technological medium replaces the inter-personal communication of conventional classroom based education that takes place between the teacher and the learners. Communication between the institution, teacher and learners is mainly through electronic media (telephone, interactive radio counseling, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, chat sessions, email, website etc) and also through postal correspondence and limited face to face contact sessions held at Study Centers that are set up by the DE institutions as close to the learners’ homes as possible.

In short Distance Education is a view to widening the horizons of education and Opening the new frontiers of knowledge and democratizing the teaching learning process Distance Education is initiated. Non formal education systems like Open Universities, Open schools, Distance learning or Distance Education systems are introduced to overcome the inadequacies of the traditional and formal education system. Education has to be made accessible to all irrespective of Financial, Social, Psychological and other conditions. In this context, Distance Education has been found an alternative, a boon, and a remedial measure. Distance Education is a term that includes the range of teaching learning strategies described as home study.

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Our Endeavors
  • To provide an alternative non-formal channel for higher education.
  • To reduce the pressure on the conventional university.
  • To provide venues for access to higher education.
  • To democratize higher education by providing access to large segment of the Population Particularly the disadvantaged groups such as those living in remote and rural areas, Including working people, women and other adults who wish to acquire and upgrade their Knowledge and skills through studies in various fields.
  • To help those who wish to improve their educational qualification and are interested in Undertaking advanced studies of their interest without being required to join as full time Students.
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