North Maharashtra University
'A' Grade NAAC Re-Accredited (3rd Cycle)
Jalgaon-425001, Maharashtra, (India)
अंतरी पेटवू ज्ञानज्योत
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Academic Council Members
List of Academic Council Members as per provisions under Section 29 (2) of the Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994
  • The Hon’ble Vice - Chancellor, Chairman ;

    Prof. P. P. Patil,
    Vice – Chancellor,
    North Maharashtra Universtiy,
    Jalgaon-425001, Dist. Jalgaon.

  • The Pro Vice - Chancellor, if any;

    Not applicable.

  • The Deans of Faculties;


  • Chairmen of the Boards of Studies ;

    1. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Law:  
      Adv. Sushil Atre,
      Atre Ashram, 307,
      307, Pratap Nagar, Jalgaon Dist. Jalgaon.

    2. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Public Health Sciences :
      Principal Dr. V. R. Patil,        
      College of Pharmacy, Faizpur,
      Dist. Jalgaon.

    3. Chairperson, Ad-hoc BOS in Philosophy :
      Dr. Archana P. Degaonkar,
      Director, School of Social Sciences, N.M.U., Jalgaon.

    4. Chairperson, Ad-hoc BOS in Fine Arts & Performing Arts :
      Dr. Vinod Indurkar, Ph.D., D.Sc.
      Indurkar Rama Narayan Mata Mandir Road,
      Dharampeth, Nagpur-440010.

    5. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Social Work :
      Principal Dr.V. R. Gunjal
      College of Social Work, Chopda.

    6. Chairperson, Ad-hoc BOS in Ancient Indian Languages :
      Dr. Balasaheb Dagadu Ganpatil,
      VWS’s Arts, Commerce & Science College, Dhule.

    7. Chairperson, Ad-hoc BOS in Mass Communication and Journalism :
      Dr. T. V. Daud,
      Head, Dept. of Mass Communication & Journalism, N.M.U., Jalgaon.

    8. Chairperson, Ad-hoc BOS in Library Science :
      Dr. A. N. Chikate,
      Librarian (I/C), Department of Library Sciences, N.M.U., Jalgaon.

    9. Chairperson, Ad-hoc BOS in Urdu, Persian & Arabic :
      Dr. Iqbal Shah,
      H.J.Thim Arts & Science College, Mehrun, Jalgaon.

    10. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Dr. Ambedkar Thoughts :
      Prof. Gangadhar Pantavane,
      Shravasti, in front of Milind College, Aurangabad.

    11. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Tribal Academy :
      Shri. A. D. Vasave,
      (Retired I.A.S.), At./Post.- Natawad, Tal. Dist. - Nandurbar.

    12. Chairperson, Ad-hoc BOS in Women Studies :
      Dr. Mukta Mahajan,
      School of Languages Studies & Research, N.M.U., Jalgaon.

    13. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in P.G.Diploma in Buddhist Heritage Tourism and Guiding :
      Dr. Anil P. Dongre,
      School of Management Studies, N.M.U., Jalgaon.

    14. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in P.G.Diploma in Gandhian Thoughts :
      Dr. Anil Chikate,
      Librarian (I/C), Department of Library Science, N.M.U., Jalgaon.

    15. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Chemical Sciences :
      Prof. Dr. P. P. Mahulikar,
      School of Chemical Sciences, N.M.U., Jalgaon.

    16. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Environmental Science :
      Prof. Dr. S. T. Ingle,
      School of Environmental Sciences & Earth Sciences, N.M.U., Jalgaon.

    17. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Diploma in Animation & Web Designing :
      Prof. Dr. R. J. Ramteke,
      School of Computer Sciences, N.M.U., Jalgaon.

    18. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Diploma in Agriculture & Natural Resource Management Skill :
      Dr. K. B. Patil,
      Scientist, Jain Irrigation Systems, Jalgaon.

    19. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Physical Education :
      Dr. Dinesh Patil,
      Director of Sports, N.M.U., Jalgaon.

    20. Chairperson, Ad-hoc BOS in Computer Management :
      Dr.(Mrs.) Preeti V. Agrawal,
      G.H.Raisoni Institute of Business Management,
      Gat No. 57/1, Shirsoli Road, Mohadi, Jalgaon- 425002.
      Dist. Jalgaon.

    21. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Applied Sciences :
      Prof. Dr. S.T. Bendre,
      Director (In-charge), School of Physical Sciences, N.M.U., Jalgaon.

    22. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering :
      Dr. P. J. Shah,
      SSBT College of Engineering & Technology, Bambhori, Jalgaon.

    23. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Mechanical, Automobile & Production Engineering :
      Prof. Sanjay Shekhawat,
      SSBT College of Engineering & Technology, Bambhori, Jalgaon.

    24. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in Civil Engineering :
      Prin. Dr. R. P. Borkar,
      Government College of Engineering, National Highway No.6, Jalgaon.

    25. Chairman, Ad-hoc BOS in B. Tech (Cosmetics) :
      Dr.Gulam Javed Khan,
      Principal, Ali-Allana College of Pharmacy, Akkalkuwa, Dist. Nandurbar
      Pin - 425415.

    26. Chairperson, Ad-hoc BOS in Architecture :
      Dr. V. B. Sambrekar,
      Appasaheb Birnale College of Architecture,

  • The Director of the Board of College and University Development ;

    Prof. P. P. Mahulikar,
    Board of College and University Development,
    North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. Dist. Jalgaon.

  • Eight principals of whom two shall be women and one shall be a person belonging to the Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes or Denotified Tribes (Vimukta Jatis) / Nomadic Tribes or Other Backward Classes, by rotation of conducted, autonomous or affiliated colleges to be elected by the principals from amongst themselves ;


  • One Professor from amongst the professors in the university departments or institutions, nominated by the Vice – Chancellor ;

    Prof.  Ambalal Babulal Chaudhari,
    School of Life Sciences,
    North Maharashtra University,
    Jalgaon, Dist. Jalgaon

  • One teacher representing each faculty to be co-opted by the Academic Council from amongst the teacher having not less than sixteen years’ teaching experience, other than Principals of colleges, Heads of university departments and Heads of recognized institutions;


  • One head of a recognized institution, nominated by the Vice – Chancellor ;

    Dr. Rahul Anant Kulkarni,
    Smt. Sitabai Mangilal Agrawal Institute of Management,
    Chalisgaon, Tal. Chalisgaon, Dist.- Jalgaon.

  • One head or director of an academic services unit of the university nominated by the Vice – Chancellor ;

    Dr. Sameer Narkhede,
    Associate Professor
    School of Management Studies and Research Centre,
    North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, Dist-Jalgaon

  • Two eminent experts in the field of higher education, nominated by the Chancellor;


  • The Director of Higher Education, Maharashtra State or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Director ;

    The Director,
    Higher Education
    Maharashtra State,
    Central Building,
    PUNE – 411 001.


    Dr. Keshav P. Tupe,        
    Joint Director,
    Higher Education, Jalgaon Division,
    Central Building, Near Akashwani,
    Jalgaon, Dist - Jalgon.

    l – A)    The Director of Technical Education, Maharashtra State or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Director ;

    The Director of Technical Education,
    3, Mahapalika Marg,
    Post Box. No. 1967,
    Mumbai – 400 001.


    Shri. Nathe D.P.
    Joint Director, (Acting),
    Technical Education,     Divisional Office,
    New Polytechnic Area,
    Post Box No. 217,
    Samangaon Road, Nasik Road,
    Nasik – 422 101.

  • The Chairman of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or his nominee, not below the rank of Divisional Chairman of the Board ;

    The Chairman ,
    Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education,
    Survey No. 832-A, Final Plot No. 178 & 179,
    Near Balchitrawani, Behind Agharkar Research Institute,
    Bhamburda, Shivajinagar, Pune – 411 004.


    Divisional Chairman,
    Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher
    Secondary Education, Nashik Divisional Board,
    Vani House, New Mumbai – Aagra Road,
    Nashik – 422 001.

  • Two representatives of the managements, elected by the electoral college, consisting of the President, Chairman or a nominee of each management from amongst themsleves. Where the management conducts more than one college or recognised institutions, only one nominee of the management shall be a member of the electoral college;


  • 29 (3) The Controller of Examinations shall be a permanent invitee and he shall have right to speak on matters pertaining to Examinations ;

    Dr. Gujarathi Dhananjay Narayan,
    Controller of Examinations,
    North Maharashtra University,
    Jalgaon. Dist. Jalgaon.

  • 17 (5) The Registrar, Secretary of Academic Council.   

    Mr. B. B. Patil,
    North Maharashtra University,
    Jalgaon. Dist. Jalgaon.