Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
कवयित्री बहिणाबाई चौधरी उत्तर महाराष्ट्र विद्यापीठ, जळगाव
Maharashtra, India
'A' Grade NAAC Re-Accredited (3rd Cycle)
अंतरी पेटवू ज्ञानज्योत
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Extension Activities
Extension Activities of Faculty
1. Prof. Dr. Shobha Shinde
  • Facilitators’ Certification Course in Spoken and Written English at Aim Insights, Mangalore, 13-18 May, 2008.
  • Secretary–Trustee of K.S.Wani Memorial Trust and Member, Board of Directors, K.S.Wani Institute of Advanced Study in Marathi.
  • Conduct Study Skills and Life Skills Workshops for students of Schools, ashram schools and colleges.
  • Rector, Girls Hostel, Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
  • Member, Proposal for Women’s Studies Centre and Proposal, Basic Facilities for Women.
  • Member, Committee for Financial Assistance to needy students.
  • Member, Women’s  Prevention of sexual harassment Cell.
  • Member, University Brochure Committee.
  • Member, Student’s Grievance Committee.
  • Member, SC/ST Cell.
  • Member, IQAAC.
  • Member,NAAC Steering Committee.
  • Member, Quality Assurance Cell.
  • Member, Yuva Spandan Committee
  • Invited to deliver lectures by women’s organizations,Yuvati Sabha,N.S.S.Camps,Mahila Melavas to address on women’s Issues.
  • Member of Consumer Awareness Programme and participate in state.
  • As a trained resource Person conduct Study Skills workshops, Personality Development workshops in the school of Languages Studies every year as well as in School and affiliated Colleges.
  • Member, Steering Committee and also Member, Maharashtra Rajya Marathi Vishwakosh Nirmiti Mandel From last ten years (two terms)  In that Capacity organized competitions for Student of Schools and College to help then become familiar with the Vishwakosh Organised a State Level book exhibition and a “granth didi” in Dhule in Nov 2011 in which more than 500 school  Students Participated Regularly make valuable contributions to the Policy framework of the Mandal, the Publication of the three volumes – 16,17,18 Bal Vigyan Kosh and Maharashtra Kanya Kosh.
  • Organised and conducted an “Awareness Workshop” at Kasturba  Gandhi Balika Ashram of the Sarva  Siksha Abhiyan at Takertalav, a Tribal Village near Nandurbar on 25 th March,2013.
  • Secretary – Trustee of K.S. Wani Memorial Trust, Dhule and  K. S. Institute of Advanced Study in Marathi. This is a registered NGO  which works closely with Maharashtra Seva Samiti (Canada) and the   Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).Under the of   K.S. Wani Memorial Trust we run the following- K.S. Wani Printing  School affiliated for its Courses Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University,  Sharda Netralaya a Charitable hospital, A Project “Vision” which will  cover eye testing of more than 25,000 School students of Dhule  district in three years, Residential school for deaf and mute Children  at Dhule, A “Reu Wani Science Park Project” which caters to the  enhancement of Scientific Knowledge among School Children by  handing scientific equipment, the K.S. Wani Institute of Advanced  Study in Marathi which brings out academic journal, quarterly called  “Amchi Shriwani” and conducts regularly an Annual Marathi Sahitya   Parishad not only in different college in Maharashtra but also in  other states, A well equipped library, Finances other Projects all over  Maharashtra Like that of Neelima Mishra, Naseema Hurjuk, Maltitai   Patwardhan and others.
  • Delivered lectures on at Nootan Maratha College, H. J. Thim College and M. J. College, Jalgaon in Jan. 2014.
  • Delivered lecture on Challenge before Women at B.P.Arts, Commerce, Science College, Chalisgaon on 24 Jan. 2014.
  • Invited as Chairperson of Lecture Series at Jamner College on 24 Jan. 2014.
  • Invited to deliver Keynote address at one day National Conference on Woman Empowerment sponsored by KBCNMU, Jalgaon at Pankaj College, Chopda on 02 March 2014.
  • Worked on the Organizing Committee of State level Avishkar and University level Avishkar.
  • Invited as a resource person at National Conference on Violence Against Women at Barkatullah University, Bhopal on 04, 05 March 2014.
2. Prof.  Dr. M. S. Pagare
  • Subject expert for placement of professor at sangali on 1june 2017
  • Speech delivered on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar at jalgoan shaniped
  • Chief guest of Jayanti Mahotsav at jalgoan jail on 25 /4/2017
  • President of Jayanti Mahotsay Shivray Te Shahu Phule Bhimray at nimkhedi shiwar Vitthalwadi Parisar Jalgaon on 13/04/2017
  • Inaguration of Padmalaya school gathering on 20/2/ 2017
  • Chief Guest of essay competition organised by Khandesh Hitsangram on 24/09/2016 at Mondhale (Bhawarkhede)
  • Key note address speaker for National Level conference at Yeola on 17/12/ 2016
  • Presidential address for Hindi National Level Conference at KBCNMU on 30 March 2017
  • Director of organization comity of national level conference at KBCNMU on 30 March 2017
  • Chief Guest of for Hindi National Level Conference at KBCNMU on 30 March 2017
  • Inauguration of UDAN gathering at Padmalaya on 29 Jan. 2017
  • A regular columnist for Sunday Supplement of Daily Lokmat &Samrat.
  • Interviews on ETV, Sahyadri & AIR
  • Advisory of monthly ‘Bahujan Kala’
  • Chief guest of Muslim Sahitya Sammelun held in Jalgaon 20/01/2013
  • Chief guest of valedictory  Function for state level Seminar held in Chopda 17/03/2013
  •  Key note Speaker at Bhusawal for National level Seminar on ‘Ambedkarism’ on 30/01/2012
  • Chairperson of National level Seminar held at Goa University on 22/03/2013
3. Prof. Dr. Mukta Mahajan
  • Facilitators’ Certification Course in Spoken and Written English at  Aim Insights, Mangalore, 13-18 May, 2008.
  • Working on Editorial Board of National Literary Magazine ‘Academic Research’.
  • Member, Mahila Dakshata Samitee, S.P. Office, Jalgaon
  • Interviews, script writing, translation for AIR, Jalgaon
  • Assistant Co – ordinator – SAM Workshop, Women Studies Center, KBCNMU.19 – 23 oct.2010
  • Delivered 2 Lecture under  Sardar  Dalipsingh Memorial  Lecture Series at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.
  • Member of RRC, Sholapur University
  • Member of   IQAC – NAAC  Steering Committee
  • Member of  Girangan
  • Member  CAP Reformation  Committee 2012 – 2013
  • Member  Ragging Complaint Inquiry Committee 2012 – 2013
  • Member Anti Ragging Committee – IGNOU – Sc 1611.
  • Delivered lecture on personality development and inaugurated Yuwati Shibir at Mhasdi College on 10 Sept. 2016
  • Delivered lectures for M.A. students on Research methodology at Sub centre, BAMU at Osmanabad on 06/10/2016
  • Delivered lecture for M.A. students and faculty on Comp. Lit. at Dayanand Collee, Solapur on 07/10/2016
  • Inaugurated Yuwati Sabha and delivered lecture on status of women at Shendurni College on 28/11/2017
  • Delivered a lecture on Importance of English and Soft Skills at Atrs College, Marwad on 6th Feb. 2017
  • Invited as subject expert for CAS interview (Professor) at MS University, Baroda on 18/05/2017.
  • Translated Poem Composition of Dr. Sharankumar Limbale into English
  • Script Writing for AIR, Jalgaon
  • Wrote articles for Lokmat, Daily News paper
4. Dr. K.N. Sarvekar
  • Editor, University Magazine ‘Giranangan’
  • Lecture series for M.A. Marathi Students at M.J. College Jalgaon on Dalit Sahitya  23.02. 2013
5. Dr. Sunil Kulkarni
  • Vice President, Bindusara Bahu-uddeshiya Shikshan Sanstha, Beed
  • Co-ordinator, NSS, Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University Unit, Jalgaon(2008-2011).
  • Member, DSW Advisory Committee(2009-2011).
6. Dr. Ashutosh Patil:
  • Worked as a Judge of P. C. Alexzander Inter-University Elocution Competition, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. 20/12/2016.
  • Participated in the National Seminar on ‘Sant Sahitya: Adhunatam Aayam’ organized by School of Languages, KBCNMU, Jalgaon. 30-31/03/2017.
  • Lecture- ‘Marathi Bhashechi Sadhyasthiti’ on the occasion of Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Din at College of Education, Jalgaon. (22/02/2017).
  • Lecture- Marathi Bhasha: Aaj ani udya’ on the occasion of Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Din at Kotecha College, Bhusawal. (28/02/2017).
  • An article “Samkalin Jagnyachya Antswar Ulagadnare Lekhan’ published in Daily Loksatta, Lokrang Supplement, 06/11/2016.
  • An article ‘Khandeshacha Samajik Dastaeavj’ published in Daily Maharashtra Times, 05/02/2017.
  • Radio Talk on ‘Purushottam Patil: Jeevan ani Karya’ (AIR, Jalgaon). (04/02/2017).
  • Referee for Ph. D. thesis of Anil Munde, Dr. B. A. M. University, Aurangabad.
  • Referee for Ph. D. thesis of Mane Vaibhav, S. R. T. M. University, Nanded.
  • Referee for Ph. D. thesis of Magar Rajendra, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.
  • Referee for Ph. D. thesis of Mohan Londhe, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
  • Editor of Journal ‘Kavita-rati’. ISSN 2278-9243. (since Jan. 2017), Executive Editor (Jan. 2013- Dec. 2016), Co-editor (2006-2012).
  • Invited Member, BOS of PG-Marathi, Dr. B. A. M. University, Aurangabad. (18/01/2017).
  • Co-ordinator, Certificate Course in Basic Japanese(2009-2011)
  • Working as a member of Maharashtra Andhashradha Nirmulan Samiti.
  • Member of Editorial Board, Std. Xth Marathi Text Book Maharashtra State Secondery & Higher Secondary Board, Pune.
  • Invited to deliver lectures on topics like ‘Elocution skill’, ‘Marathi for Competitive Examinations’, ‘Stree-purush sahjevan’, ‘Leadership’,  ‘NET-SET Guidance’ etc.
  • General Articles published:
1.‘Streemuktibabat Dr. Ambedkaranche vichar’ published in Daily Lokmat,  Sunday, 14/04/2013, p.nos.4.
2.‘Marathi Bhasheche Bhavitvya’ published in Daily Loksatta, Lokrang, Sunday, 24/02/ 2013, p. nos.  3, 7.
3.‘Stree samasyechi sakhol janiv’ published in Daily Lokmat, 08/01/2012, p. no.4.
4.Eka Masikachi chalval’ published in Daily Prahar, 19/12/2010, p. no. 5.
5.‘Khandeshatil Kavinchi Mandiaali published in Daily Lokmat, 23/11/2008.
6. ‘Maukhik Anuvad, published in ‘Yuwaspandan’ (Magzine for Students), Feb. 2009, p. nos. 15-16.  
7.‘Lekhankaletil Sandhi, published in ‘Yuwaspandan’ (Magzine for Students), August 2008, p. nos.15-16.  
  • Participation in Workshops:
1. Participated in the Workshop on ‘Writing of Self-Learning Material’ organized by IDEAL, N.M.U.,Jalgaon (29-30/09/2011).
2. Participated in the Workshop on ‘Development and Delivery of Self-Learning Material’ organized by Indira Academy of Distance Education, Pune (23, 24 April 2010).
3. Participated in workshop on Translation Studies organized by Aantarbharti Anuvad Suvidha Kendra, Sane Guruji Rashtriya Smarak, held at Vadghar, Tal. Mangaon, Dist. Raigad (April 2009).
4. Participated in the Training workshop on FEEL Teachers Training conducted by College for leadership and Human Resource Development, Mangalore and held at KBCNMU Jalgaon (1-3 December, 2008).
5. Life Skills Workshop conducted by Adult and Continuing Education Dept., Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, 22-24 May, 2008.
6. Participated in workshop on Self Development for Teachers organized by Educational Resource Center, New Delhi and held at EC      Whitefield,  Bangalore (21-26 April 2008).
Special Programmes

Special Programmes

1.Certificate course in Spoken English

2.Certificate course in Translation Studies

3.Conferences, Seminars & Workshops

4.Cultural programmes

5.Career Counseling

6.Personality Development Programmes

7.Alumni Association Meets

8. Guest Lectures

9. UGC Visiting Fellow Lecture Scheme

10.UGC Equal Opportunities Cell for SC/ST Students 

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