North Maharashtra University
NAAC Re-Accredited 'B' (CGPA 2.88)
Jalgaon-425001, Maharashtra, (India)
अंतरी पेटवू ज्ञानज्योत
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Prof. Dr. Sudhir. U. Meshram

Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon (M.S.), India

Prof. Dr. Sudhir. U. Meshram, was selected and appointed as the fifth Vice Chancellor of the North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon on 5th Sept. 2011 and joined on 8th Sept. 2011. 







Hindi, Marathi & English


M .Sc. (PL. Pathology) 1st Merit Ph.D. (Microbiology), I.A.R.I., New Delhi. Post Doctorate (Microbiology), IAC, Holland.


Vice-Chancellor, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon (M.S.), India


Professor & Head R. T. M. Nagpur  University,  P.G. Department  of  Microbiology,  L. I. T.    Premises, Nagpur - 440 033 (M.S.) INDIA *Selected against Open Post : Founder Director Rajiv Gandhi  Biotechnology  Centre  LIT  Premises,    R. T. M. Nagpur University,  Nagpur-440033 (M.S.) INDIA  : Pool Scientist(CSIR, New Delhi)


(Off) +91-257-2257201 +91-257-2257202 +91-257-2258401 +91-257-2258402 (Mobile) +91-09823074734



E-mail : Website:


26 Years at Post-Graduate level RESEARCH


31 Years


17  Years as Professor  & Head RTMNU & as Director RGBC, RTMNU, Nagpur Course Co-ordinator of M.Sc. - DBT Teaching Programme on all India basis  (Approved by DBT, Min. of Sci. & Tech.,  Govt. of Inida, New Delhi).


a)         AREA OF SPECIALIZATION Biological ‘N’ fixation,  Biological control of  insects,  vectors  and  pathogens,   Genetic   Engineering  and  Use of  waste products/barren  wasteland;  Biotechnological   application  in  Environmental,  Agricultural  &  Medical  Sciences.

b)         R&D PATENTS UNDERTAKEN                        

    • Innovative Patents of R&D out-put  granted  through  DBT,  Min. of  Sci.  &  Tech., (Govt. of India), New Delhi (i.e. Development of Low cost an indigenous Fermentor & Innovative method for determination of LDt50 value of live biopesticides  against live pathogens).

1)   Patent No. 221967

2)   Patent No. 231041

    • Partial Gene Sequence of 16&  rDNA of Paenibacillus sp. AR-1 submitted to NCBI, USA database with accession no. FJ432005.


(i)         Principal Investigator  of ICAR project amounting Rs. 2,40,000=00 (Ministry  of  Agriculture, Govt. of India) entitled  “Biological  Control of  Cereals  Plant  Pathogens by  Azotobacter” (Nov.1988-Oct.1991)  Completed.  Results  adopted   at  National  level  by ICAR, New Delhi.

(ii)        Principal Investigator of DNES project amounting Rs. 5,07,040=00 (Ministry of  Energy,   Govt.  of  India) entitled  “Production of fast growing trees & its  improvement on  waste/marginal  land through microbial  technology”  (Jan. 1991 - Oct. 1994)  Completed.

(iii)       Principal  Investigator of DBT Research Project amounting Rs. 14,85,163=00 (Ministry of Science & Technology,  Govt. of Indi

a)  entitled  “Use of  Biopesticides for Control  of  Microbial diseases  in  Major  Carps” (April 1994 - March 1998)  Completed.

(iv)       Principal Investigator of  RGBC-DBT Research  Project  amounting Rs. 41,98,000=00  (Ministry  of  Science &Technology, Govt. of  India) entitled  “Support Programme on Development & Demonstration of Biofertilizer  Technology in  backward  region of Vidarbha”  (April 1998 - March 2001)  Completed.

(v)       Principal  Investigator of  DBT  Research  Project amounting  Rs. 13,49,000=00  (Ministry  of  Science  & Technology, Govt. of India)  entitled  “Demonstration-cum-training on Biotechnology of Biofertilizers as an integrated farming”  (Feb.  2003-Jan. 2006) Completed.

(vi)      Fund for Improvement of S&T  infrastructure in Universities & Higher Educational Institutions for development of Deptt. amounting  Rs. 34,00,000=00 under FIST Programme funded by  DST, Min. of Sci. & Tech.,  Govt. of India, New  Delhi (2004-2009) )  Completed.

(vii)     Co-ordinator  for  All  India  “M.Sc. DBT-RGBC  Support   Teaching  Course programme in Biotechnology subject” at R. T. M. Nagpur University amounting  Rs. 1,02,93,000=00 sanctioned by DBT, Min. of Sci. & Tech., Govt. of India, New  Delhi (2004-Continued).

(viii)    Project Director of RGBC-Fund for Establishment of Rajiv Gandhi  Biotechnology  Centre,  R. T. M. Nagpur University for construction 1st  Phase of  the  building  (Meager  donation  by  RVK,  [NGO], New Delhi amounting  Rs. 11,00,000=00  (1995) Completed.

(ix)      Project Director of RGBC-Fund from Hon’ble Vilas Muttemwar MP’s Local Development fund amounting Rs. 10,04,588=00  for  construction  of   2nd Phase of Rajiv Gandhi Biotechnology Centre, R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur  (2003) Completed.

(x)       Project Director of RGBC-Fund from Hon’ble Lata Mangeskar MPLADS Rs. 23,78,131=00 for construction  of  third and final stage (seminar cum training  hall)  of Rajiv Gandhi  Biotechnology Centre,  R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur  (2005-2010) Completed.

(xi)      Principal  Investigator of  DBT Research Project amounting Rs. 19,02,000=00  (Ministry  of  Science  & Technology, Govt. of India)  entitled  “Development of  Biofertilizers based nutrient management package for Nagpur Mandarin” under the implementation of the project titled “Development of INM Package  for commercially Important Plantation Crops” (2008-2011) Completed.


(i)         R&D Transfer of Technology Training Programme organised  in  batches (1997-1998) for  fishermen from  tribal & rural  areas of  Vidarbha region  (Gadchiroli, Bhandara,  Chandrapur, Nagpur, Wardha  and  Amravati Districts)  in  regard  to  Know-how of indigenously  developed   low cost  input  environment  friendly & its  transfer of technology  with adoption in  local  language.

(ii)        R&D Transfer of  Biotechnology with Post-monitoring Training Programme for SC/ ST/OBC farmers organised  in  batches  for  farmers (both Men  & Women) from  tribal & rural areas of  Vidarbha region (Gadchiroli, Bhandara,  Chandrapur, Nagpur, Wardha  and  Amravati   Districts) in regard to Know-how of indigenously   developed   low  cost  input  environment friendly & its transfer of technology with adoption in local  language.


 (i)        19  Students  have  Completed their  Ph.D. programmes &  have been  awarded doctoral degrees.

(ii)        06  Students  at  present  have  undertaken  the  assignments  of  Ph.D.  programme.


g)         RESEARCH PAPERS PUBLISHEDPublished 120   papers  in  various Peer reviewed IF International  and  National  Journals (Some of  them Presented in  International and National Conferences  & also at college level under Science Development Scheme).

h)         ABSTRACTS BOOKS / R&D BOOK / PROCEEDINGS / BOOKS PUBLISHED :    8 (NB : Sustainable Biotechnology online Best Sellers Book).

i)          COLLABORATION WITH OTHER INSTITUTIONS  / DEPARTMENTS Established Inter-Institutional R&D Collaboration with several reputed state & national institutes such as CICR, NBSS & LUP, NRCC, NEERI, IARI (New Delhi), BARC (Mumbai), Agarkar Research  Institute (Pune), Cadial Pharmaceutical Ltd., (Ahmadabad), CDRI (Lucknow), Department of Life Sciences (Mumbai University), DRDO (Gwalior), NBPGR (New Delhi), IGIB (New Delhi), JIPMER (Varanasi), NCCS (Pune), NBRI (Lucknow) etc. also Inter and intra Departments and interdepartmental academic collaboration with the Departments of Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Zoology, Chemistry, Sericulture, Physics, Botany etc. as an interdisciplinary  approach.  



Conducting 2 yrs M.Sc. Courses in Microbiology & Biotechnology each comprising  of 8 Theory Papers & 4 Practicals  along with dissertation projects in  various fields.


Teaching through audio-visual aids; Display of CD on various Techno- Scientific aspects, Field Demonstration, Group discussion; Academic auditing through Formulated  “Course  Teaching Evaluation  programme”  by  the students at  Post  Graduate  level. Promoting confidence level etc.


Revised  the  syllabii of P. G.  Courses periodically in view of rapidly changing scenario.


Course Co-ordinator for All  India “M.Sc. DBT-RGBC  Support Teaching Course  programme  in   Biotechnology   subject”  at   R. T. M. Nagpur University [Total  out lay  sanctioned  Rs. 1,02,93,000=00 by DBT,  Min.  of   Sci.  & Tech., Govt. of India, New  Delhi (2004-Contd.)]. e)         LECTURES  IN  TRAINING  PROGRAMME

  •  Delivered several expert lectures on Biofertilizer technological research methodology with its adoptation & output  in Training  programme  for  the Department of Extension staff of Mah.Govt.; regularly conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of  India at Regional Centre,  Nagpur.
  •  Delivered  scientific  talks at  AIR & TV  programmes  & also at various  forums on “National Science Day”, especially full telecast of RGBC vision at  “Swapnpurti”  on Sahyadri DD1 at state & national level.


a)         Established  R&D Centre (Funded  by RVK (NGO), DBT, UGC, MP’s LADS & Self Generating resources) as a Founder Director with an additional charge of  Rajiv Gandhi  Biotechnology  Centre in 1995 at  L.I.T. Premises, R. T. M. Nagpur University,  Nagpur.

 b)        GENESIS OF THE CENTRE The  teaching  research  and development activities in the field of Microbial Biotechnology in this backward region of Vidarbha have  been strengthened owing to the  establishment of  this  R&D  Centre, since 1995,  which  aims to conduct mission-oriented teaching & research work with well-defined mandate, for the use of proven  bio-tech  product/process  development and transfer of  low cost sustainable technology with  regard to  Biofertilizers  and  Biopesticides to the tribal,  rural  and  semi-urban  areas in the local language for use in Agriculture, Health and  Environmental  protection. More so in connecting itself to  community  interacting  & imparting skills & knowledge to farmers community  members. This  unique centre is an autonomous  and  governed  by  CENTRE MANAGEMENT COUNCIL (CMC) based on MoU signed by Nagpur   University. Initial Rs. 11 lacs   financial   assistance  was  received  from  NGO.   Later a grant of Rs. 10 lacs  was sanctioned from Hon’ble Vilas Muttemwar MP’s  fund. The  3rd Phase of Centre i.e. administrative block was constructed entirely from self-generating fund of Rs. 7,21,494=00 through consultancy services. A total  R&D, training  and M.Sc. biotechnology  teaching  support  grant  of   Rs. 1,80,33,000=00 from DBT  &  UGC   Govt. of  India  was   sanctioned.  Presently,   the  centre  is functioning with five permanent staff members & well equipped modernized labs & the library. The Centre’s efforts  towards an indigenous Technology Developed Bioprducts, self-generating  low cost, eco-friendly lab to land transfer of technology  especially  implemented  in the  backward  region  of Vidarbha for  socio- economic  upliftment  has been appreciated  remarkably by  the  National Assessment and  Accreditation Council and University Grants Commission. Recently,the Centre has received a sanction of Rs. 23,78,131=00 from Hon’ble Lata Mangeskar MPLADS for  construction of  seminar cum Farmer’s training hall. So far the centre has generated Rs. 9,21,899=00 by provinding of consultancy services,  sale of Biotech prducts etc.


  • Co-ordinator, M.Sc. Biotechnology DBT-RGBC on All India basis Support  Programme  (Approved  by  DBT,  Ministry  of   Science  and  Technology,  Govt.   of  India, New Delhi - - - 2003-2004 onwards).
  • Chairman  of  the  scientific programme committee, organised 27th  Annual conference of association of Microbiologist  of  India (1986).
  • Specially  Deputed  by  DBT  Ministry of Sci. & Tech., Govt. of India for Refresher  Course for  Scientists on IPR in Biotechnology orgzined by National Law School of India University, Bangalore.
  • Chairman of  Association  of  Microbiologists   of  India,  Nagpur Unit (1989 & 1990).
  • As a  Director, organised Symposium  on “Popularizing Bio-technological  Process for rural  and semi-urban  areas” (UGC Sponsored, 1991).
  • As a  Director,  organised  “Popular  lectures by   Eminent   scientists”   (Approved and sponsored thrice by  DBT, Ministry of  Science and Technology, Govt. of  India,  New Delhi,  Sept. 1991;   Dec.  1993  & April  1997).
  • Acted as Co-ordinator at Academic staff college, R.T.M. Nagpur University for Refresher  course (Sponsored by UGC) 1990 for 4 weeks.
  • Acted as Chairman, Organizing Committee, Silver Jubilee Celebrations of  P. G.  Department of Microbiology, R. T. M. Nagpur University and  First  International  Conference on “Global  Sustainable Bio-tech Congress 2000 AD”.
  • Acted as Chairman, Organizing Committee for the International Conference  on “Global Sustainable-2nd Biotech Congress 2006 AD”.
  • Acted as Chief-Coordinator of Technical Scheduled Programme of 2nd International Buddhist Conference on “Perspective on Engaged  Buddhism” held on 17th & 18th April 2010 at Nagpur.


  • Member of Editorial Board of International Journal “Roumanian Biotechnology Letters” published by Roumanian Society of Biological Sciences,  Bucharest University, Roumania.
  • Expert Member on peer review process of International Journals & also International Scientific organization for assessing R&D Projects, and evaluation of Ph.D. & Post-Doct. Student for abroad study programme.
  • Member of Association of Microbiologists of India.
  • Member of Society for Biocontrol Advancement.
  • Member of Journal of Current Sciences.
  • Member of Journal of Maharashtra Agriculture University.
  • Member  of Executive Council of  Biotechnology Society of India.
  • Member  of Research Advisory Committee, Krishna Agro-Bio Products, Hyderabad.
  • Member of Advisory Board of Institute of Biotechnology & Allied Sciences Training & Research Centre, Sikar, Rajasthan.
  • Former  Executive  Director  of  UNESCO clubs &  Asso. of  India, Nagpur Chapter.
  • Ex-President of  RSF, Nagpur.
  • Ex-Vice President of PG student’s Union, Pusa Institute, New Delhi.
  • Chief-Patron of Global Biotech Forum.


  • Advisor and  Expert to UPSC (Govt. of India), New Delhi.
  • Advisor & Expert Member of a Consultative Group on the Empowerment of SCs, OBCs and Social Welfare for MTA under 11th Five  year Plan (2007-2012) of Planning Commission, Govt. of India.
  • Member of  Steering Committee on the ‘Empowerment of the Scheduled Castes’, ‘Other  Backward Classess’ and Nomadic, Semi-nomadic and Denotified Tribes  for the formulation  of  12th Five Year Plan (2012-2017) Constitued by  Planning  Commission, Govt. of India.
  • Expert Member of Standing Research Advisory Committee in the areas of  welfare of  Disabled, Social Defence, OBC & SC Development – Nominated by the Hon’ble Union Minister (SJ&E), Govt. of India.
  • Hon. Member of Mah. State Audit Advisory Board, Principal Accountant General (Audit) Mumbai as per comptroller & Auditor General of India.
  • Member  of  “Research Advisory Committee of National Bureau of Agril. Important Microorganisms” re-constituted by Director General of ICAR, New Delhi, Govt. of India.
  • UGC Chairman Nominee on the Selection Committee of Teaching & Research Cadre at  Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, NIT,  Jallandher.
  • Member of the Expert Committee Set up by UGC for Xth Plan & XIth Plan.
  • Member of the Expert Committee of National Board of Accreditation set up by the AICTE (Govt. of India).
  • Chairman of the Expert Committee Set up by UGC for Autonomous Status to  Colleges & Universities & also Deemed University Status.
  • Visitor’s nominee of the H.E. the President, Govt. of India on the selection committees for the recruitment & promotion of academic staff in the National  Institute of Technology (NITs), Jalandhar (Punjab).
  • Nominee of the H. E. the Governor & Chancellor, Rajasthan on the selection committee of the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur & Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajasthan Sanskrit University, Jaipur.
  • Nominee of H. E. the Governor & Chancellor of Madhya Pradesh on the Selection Committee of the Barkatulha University, Bhapal.
  • Nominee of UGC on the Board of Management Council of KLEF University, Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh).
  • Nominated by DBT (Min. of Sci. & Tech., Govt. of India) as representative in  IBSC at PKV, Akola (M.S.).
  • Chairman  of  Association  of  Microbiologists of  India,  Nagpur Unit  (1989 & 1990).
  • President, HOD’s Forum, R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  • Chairman of Biotechnology (Adhoc Board), R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  • Ex-Chairman of UGC Unassigned Grant Committee, R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  • Expert Member of various UGC Committees such as Innovative Programme, Women’s Post-Doctorate Fellowships, financial assistance for Major R&D Projects, as well as Mid-term review,  abroad conferences  and Commonwealth Fellowships etc., New Delhi.
  • Member  of  Board  of  studies & Examination of  Microbiology & BUTR,  R. T. M.  Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  • Member of faculty of science, R. T. M. Nagpur University,  Nagpur.
  • Ex-Member of Academic Council, R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  • Ex-Senate Member-Nominated by Hon’ble  Chancellor/Governor (Maharashtra  state)  from  Eminent  Research Scholars category.
  • Ex-Member of 64  Subject Examination commitee-Nominated by Executive Council R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  • Expert  Member on  various selection Committees &  subject examination committees at various Institutions & Universities.
  • Member  of  Standing Committee for Implementation  policies  and programmes on  SC and  ST (UGC).
  • Ex-Member-Nominated  by  Hon’ble  Vice-Chancellor  on Board of  Colleges & University Development (BCUD), R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  • Ex-Member  of  University Patent cell.
  • Active Member of  University-Industry Interaction.
  • Member of Animal Ethics Committee, Govt. of Medical College, Nagpur.
  • Member of  the Research  Advisory  Committee on  Krishna Agro-bio Products (Vrikshamitra), Hyderabad.
  • Member on Advisory Board of the Institute of Biotechnology & Allied Sciences Training & Research Centre, Sikar, Rajasthan.
  • Acted as Convener during  Inter  Universities National Youth Festival (Sponsored by  AIU  &  Deptt. of YAS, Govt. of  India)  organized by Nagpur Uni. 1993.
  • Ex-Member of  Vigilance  Squad  for  smooth conduct  of  Examination of  summer, 1995, NU.
  • Member of the External Agency to  Improve the Organization and Management of the Institutions. 


  • Selected for “Best Teacher Award” by Maharashtra  State Govt. (India) 2006-2007 (Min. of Higher & Technical Education).
  • Received  Presentation  by Jawaharal  Nehru Memorial  Fund, New  Delhi, for  academic achievement (1979).
  • Received Flora-Tech Laboratory  Environment Protection Award  (EPA-2000).
  • Outstanding Teacher Award in Science Faculty at Nagpur Tercentenary Celebrations.
  • Fellow  of  Maharashtra  Academic Sciences.
  • Fellow of New York Academy  Sciences (USA) ID No. #11306897.
  • Fellow of National Academy of Biological Sciences (NABS) Chennai, India.
  • Fellow of Global Biotech Forum.
  • Awarded  Sr.  Fellowship of  ICAR, New Delhi.
  • Recipient of Sr. IARI’s  fellowship.
  • Awarded French Govt. Fellowship (1980-81).
  • Recipient  of  Holland Govt. reciprocal fellowship as a visiting Research fellow (PDF), 1982.
  • Received    “Best Paper Award”  at   the   Annual   conference   on    research   poster  presentation  twice  by   Association  of  Microbiologists  of  India  (1988- 1989).  Also 2nd, cash prize during  the First  International  conference on “Global Sustainable Biotech  Congress-2000 AD” held on 27th Nov. 2000 to 1st Dec. 2000.
  • As a special invitee, delivered research lectures, plenary & key-note addresses in  “Popular  lecture  series  by Eminent  Scientists”  approved  by DBT,   Ministry of Science  and Technology, Govt.  of   India  (1991;  1993  &  1997),  at  the  International Global  Environmental Congress &  2nd  Asia-Pacific  Congress; and at several other  national & international seminars / workshops / conference, organised by the Universities / Institutions.
  • Acted as an expert on  National  &  International Scientific organisations  for  evaluating the  R & D  Projects.
  • Invited to Bio-World Congress summit at Washington, D.C. USA as a Guest Speaker for plenary talk in Breakout Session on Industrial Biotechnology & Bioprocessing (27th-30th June 2010) at National  Convention Centre (USA).
  • Invited to Syracuse University, NY(USA) as a expert member & Director of RGBC for Academic Collaborative between two Universities.
  •  Acted as an expert on the panel of Commission for Scientific & Technical  Terminology  (HRD Ministry), Govt. of India & INSA  Publications & of other institutions.
  • Biographical inclusion by American Biographical Institute, Inc. in 7th Edn. of  International  Directory  of  Distinguished Leadership with commemorative Award in view of outstanding  achievement.
  • Chaired  technical sessions/proceedings & delivered key-noteaddresses  at  various  conferences/ symposia/ workshops.
  • Selected for “RASHTRIYA GAURAV AWARD” by India International Friendship Society, New Delhi (2004).
  • Felicitated on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Year of  R. T. M.  Nagpur University  Non-teaching  Employees’  Union & Maharashtra State University  Employees’  Association Conference for the outstanding  services  (7th March 2005).
  • Selected for “Best Citizens of India Award” by International Publishing House, New Delhi (2005).
  • Selected ‘BioAglimpse’ Vol.2 2006-2007 for “Best  Magazine Award” by R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur (2008) - - - - -  Chief Editor.

  • Outstanding National Educational Leadership Award 2014 by Lokmat Group and Star Industry Group.

Receiving Outstanding National Educational Leadership Award by Lokmat Group and Star Industry Group at Mumbai


  • Active representation in sports   and  conducting   students council elections.
  • Participation  in  social   activities   among   weaker  sections  like  leadership  camp,  organising  & post-monitoring social  scientific  action  groups,  remedial  courses  with  free  of  cost  distribution  of  know-how   booklets  / monographs of biotech R&D products  edited & transcripted  in  English,  Marathi  & Hindi   languages for remote tribal villages, and  guidance for job opportunities  for  backward & economically  weaker class  students.